Mindcaremagic Discipline #31

Be Responsible! When we are proceeding with our life, we have to work at different places,in different roles! Our work is surrounded by, different people- maybe from work place or society and general public! We are, also, working with our family-members, relatives and friends! Whenever and wherever we work, there comes in to picture, our… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Discipline #31

Mindcaremagic Discipline #30

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CAREFULNESS ! Life is full of so many activities ! And all our activities, as we hope and assume, need to be Fruitful and Successful! It is only then, we get some satisfaction and happiness of doing something good and as per will! For being successful, in all our activities, alertness, concentration as well as,… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Discipline #30

Mindcaremagic Discipline # 28

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CHEERFULNESS ! : Magic of Happiness! Magic of Success! The more we keep our Mind, free from unwanted thoughts; the more it becomes Fresh! A feeling of enthusiasm is created and we move towards Happiness! We get an enchanting Cheerfulness! Cheerfulness leads to happiness and then to Success in Each and Every act or task!… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Discipline # 28

Mindcaremagic Discipline # 27

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Magic of a Smile ! How our Mind will become Fresh ? When we meet a Charming personality! Any person with a beautiful smile! Our mood gets elevated to happiness! We become ready to do something for such a smiling person! Why, we should not try to have, a smiling face wherever we go ?


Complexity, unpredictability, cruelty, solidarity of shocks, scarcity of reach;. all gather in deepness of time, darkening invisibility of soul, spreading entangled self and pulling the sense of existence, across-the-board of life forcing towards, struggle, to get a penetrating careen of destiny! https://dversepoets.com


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