Mindcaremagic Mantra #02

T I M E ! One of the driving forces of the Life is ‘ Time ‘! Time is the most important factor of our Life! If required, one has to move with the Time, even by seconds, to carry on the activities of Life. Hours, days, months and years need to be utilised fully!… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #02

Mindcaremagic Mantra #01

If we are looking, for a silent and happy living, we will have to acquire, a technique, which will give us, a smooth and cheerful mood (and Mind )! One of many mantras, required to be always with us, for acquiring the above technique, is ” Listen More and Say or Talk Less! “ For… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #01

Awakening #05

Why? I, Me, My , Leave I, Realise Him! Open the eyes of Intelligence, Everything is your’s, embrace HIM!

Awakening #03

Body cares, thirst and hunger, Conscious mind, craving senses, lingering desire, Pin the point of balance, reach the equilibrium.

WP Prompt 27/01/2023

What do you enjoy doing most in your leisure time? Definition1: freedom provided by the cessation of activities especially : time free from work or duties Merriam Webster Dictionary I will be very happy, to have leisure time! I will use the leisure time, to rewind my memories – sweet and sour both! I become very refreshed when I take a journey through the memories – old and… Continue reading WP Prompt 27/01/2023

Day-One prompt 25/01/2023

List five things you do for fun. 1: what provides amusement or enjoyment specifically : playful often boisterous action or speech//full of fun 2: a mood for finding or making amusement.Merriam Webster Dictionary 1: Tease close persons when caught with blunder errors. 2: Analyse the facts about the say of the opposite person. 3: Watch the favourite movie. 4: Visit the most popular Mart. 5: Visit social media sites, for reading smart a brilliant people.

Awakening #02

Existence! Where are you? Here, there or somewhere? Finding nowhere! Open the eyes of Soul through Mind! Your place is with Him and you will find!! I am everywhere, in everything at anytime!

Awakening #01

EVERYTHING! Beyond thinking exits something, Struggle to search find nothing, Look into yourself get everything.

Mystical Prayers

“The Path of Light is a Darkness Illuminated by Faith, Hope and Charity.” ~ Mystical Prayers


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