Mindcaremagic Discipline #17

We often meet people : including all the friends, colleagues, well wishers and even relatives, who frequently tell us, about, living like this and that way! We are many times, influenced, by the advice of such people and may start thinking! We may get worried also! We can’t decide! Here is the simple solution!

An Instinct! Behaviour and Mind!! #01

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It is seen or observed, in self study, that, Our Mind, operates on stimuli, by unknown source! Is this statement correct? This is a delicate question! But anyone can answer it, if he or she studys, the way of our behaving, thinking or feeling! There is always a natural Desire or Tendency, that makes one… Continue reading An Instinct! Behaviour and Mind!! #01

Colors of Life!

Red: The Red stands, almost at the top of all the colors! Pleasing to the eyes of everyone, who gets a look! Shining powerfully, where used! Overpowering every other color! Having a distinguishing attraction, by unique, eye penetrating glaze! Red is often associated with Love, Passion and Lust but also Danger! It is frequently used,… Continue reading Colors of Life!

Mindcaremagic Discipline #01 — mindcaremagic

If, we wish, not to have worries, difficulties and obstacles in our Life At any time, In any situation, At any cost SHOULD NOT DEVIATE FROM ” T R U T H “! 27 more words Mindcaremagic Discipline #01 — mindcaremagic

mindcaremagic Discipline # 16

Analysing and Studying ************************************************************ There come situations, which, are very critical and delicate! We need to be very careful and cautious in handling them! ************************************************************ ANALYSE AND STUDY, THE SITUATION TO AVOID HASTY CONCLUSIONS!

Flowers! #01

What gives the most Pleasure to our ‘M I N D’, is no other than Flowers! There are uncountable types and species of Flowers, on our only True Home: Our Mother Earth! To see and get the pleasure of all, will be very difficult but most pleasurable task! Let us try!

Let us know, the Self Notifications! — mindcaremagic

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Messages from the Mind! Whenever, we are totally relaxed, comfortably lying on a bed or visiting our favorite Nature spot or are engaged in doing something which is pleasing; 135 more words Let us know, the Self Notifications! — mindcaremagic


Searching so long, with hope of find! Alone to obtain Oasis, in the desert of mind! Weightless body and existence everywhere! End of anguish and flow of Happiness! Delight saturation of joy and fresh desire! Walking towards site, flooded with silence Searching so long, with hope of find Alone to obtain tranquil, in the ocean… Continue reading Journey!