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Mind : Me Lingering desires, induced emotions. Craving for gain, struggling for satisfaction. Identify significance, reach Tranquility.

M I N D – The ‘ KING ‘ of Human Life!

Yes! You are reading correctly! And it’s stated correctly! I can do anything! I can get anything! The Mind possesses, the above feeling, when in active and cheerful state! Now, whether, this can be True and possible? Yes! If we get the full Determination and Confidence! Only thing is required : Belief in yourself and… Continue reading M I N D – The ‘ KING ‘ of Human Life!

Profound Power of The Noble ‘Mind’ #09

Let us consider, the the Universe! Here is a well-known dictionary meaning : ‘ All of space and everything in it, including stars, planets, galaxies etc.” and …….. And….. The SUN, is the topmost and ultimate power, of the Universe! Our Mind is having similar power, of our total Existence! The Mind can construct anything… Continue reading Profound Power of The Noble ‘Mind’ #09

Profound Power of Noble ‘MIND’ # 08

We, as Human beings, are, live representatives of Nature! Different from other creations of Nature, like Animals, Birds and Plants! We can sense, see, experience and use, the Five eternal energy-powers of the universe. The others have limitations! We can take care of our body and monitor, our activities, in a more perfect way, than… Continue reading Profound Power of Noble ‘MIND’ # 08

An Instinct! Behaviour and Mind!! #01

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It is seen or observed, in self study, that, Our Mind, operates on stimuli, by unknown source! Is this statement correct? This is a delicate question! But anyone can answer it, if he or she studys, the way of our behaving, thinking or feeling! There is always a natural Desire or Tendency, that makes one… Continue reading An Instinct! Behaviour and Mind!! #01

I won’t bother!

Let the evils dance! Let the fools engage desperate romance! Let the tracks lengthen! Let the mighty invade! Let the wonders spread! Let the unseen touch the screen of soul! Fear struggle to tall! Let sunami arrive! I won’t bother! My Mind don’t care! The post I won’t bother! first appeared on mindcaremagic. I won’t… Continue reading I won’t bother!

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