Let us know the Self Notifications #02

Soul Sensations!

We are moving, with the Time in our life. We meet, many situations consisting, a typical dilemma! We face difficulty, in decisions! We experience Duel Mind! And In such situations, many times, the Time, is the best and ultimate remedy!   If you are alert, postpone the decision! During the period, you reach the time… Continue reading Let us know the Self Notifications #02

If Only

If only I could make you seeThrough these amorous eyes of mine,You’d leave the world and worship theeThinking your flesh divine.And all the wars of every kindWould cease without a fight,And in every dark night you would findYour own self flickering bright. If I only I could make you hearThrough these adoring ears of mine,And… Continue reading If Only

I won’t bother!

Let the evils dance! Let the fools engage desperate romance! Let the tracks lengthen! Let the mighty invade! Let the wonders spread! Let the unseen touch the screen of soul! Fear struggle to tall! Let sunami arrive! I won’t bother! My Mind don’t care!