Mindcaremagic Mantra #02

T I M E ! One of the driving forces of the Life is ‘ Time ‘! Time is the most important factor of our Life! If required, one has to move with the Time, even by seconds, to carry on the activities of Life. Hours, days, months and years need to be utilised fully!… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #02

Mindcaremagic Mantra #16

BE IN THE PRESENT ! It is a common observation, that in our daily life- routine, we are often thinking either of the past or about the future! This is true for almost every person! But we never realise and remember, that we can get nothing by this unnecessary thinking. If we give some time,… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #16

Mindcaremagic Mantra #15

Relaxation! When you experience a condition of stress and/or anxiety, relax a little and use deep relaxation technique. In our fast paced world, every now and then we come across with stress, which can lead to Anxiety. In such situations relaxation by mind and body is very important and helpful to keep away, these dangerous… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #15

Mindcaremagic Mantra #13

BE KIND! What we can give someone, of topmost value but at no cost, is love and respect! The person who receives the same becomes our closest person! For giving love and respect, we must have Kindness! Why we shouldn’t be Kind, always, for everyone we meet? Make Grace your space!

Mindcaremagic Mantra #12

Create Relationships! We are, many times, influenced by a person – may be He or she, and like the company of that person! We become happy and cheerful, on meeting, talking and chatting about our daily life! This way, we create a relationship, with each other! We also experience, that, passing some time, with the… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #12

Mindcaremagic Mantra #11

Attention! A condition of readiness for such attention involving especially a selective narrowing or focusing  of consciousness and receptivity! Daily and for every single moment, we need to be alert, to keep, a good proceeding, in the work/task, we have in our hand! If we give required attention, we will get everything completed, smoothly and satisfactorily!

Mindcaremagic Mantra #09

Aim, Goal and Destination! Have an Aim, fix a Goal ; the Destination will be auto-generated! We are, here always moving, to reach somewhere! Our destination is different and new, every new day! Life should never be ‘ Stagnant’! We must have, movement of body and mind! Our Mind remains always Fresh if we have… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #09

Mystical Prayers

“The Path of Light is a Darkness Illuminated by Faith, Hope and Charity.” ~ Mystical Prayers


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