Mindcaremagic # Time

The life moves forward constantly , regardless of the day to day happenings! Life comprises of days and years, companions like nature and people ! It is built, in terms of use of time and actions for self and the others !

Nature Creations! # 01

We are very lucky to have valuable company, of our ‘ Mother Nature ‘ throught our Life! If we keep our eyes, ears, nose, tounge, skin and Mind open lively, we can observe and realize the Nature Power, which always helps us, to rejuvenate, our overall mood and daily life! The Nature Power includes the… Continue reading Nature Creations! # 01

Mindcaremagic Discipline # 23

Selfishness : Everyone has, a natural property of ‘ SELFISHNESS ‘! ( Remember liking of ‘ Selfiles ‘ ) And there is nothing wrong, in that! What is needed for our Mind Happiness, is always to keep a distance, from the ‘ I ‘, ‘ Me’ and ‘ My ” barrier !

Mindcaremagic Discipline # 21

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Give and Take Magic Phenomena! We are, many a times needing something/ some work contribution, for completing our important task! This is not achieved in normal way, we plan! What is the simple way to get it? To use the most important procedure! To get something, be ready, to give something!