Close my eyes and ears.Listen and observe within.Move past obstacles. – Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy Originally Published on February 1, 2021 Connect 1: Conscious Mind! 2 : Subconscious Mind! 3 : Soul!


Unfold the layers off this mask,swallow the questions no one asks,another day with the same tasks,drunk wishes swim within old flasks. Alone while others are around,all aspirations hit the ground,an inner silence feels profound,wishes crash hard but make no sound. Frustrations learn to stand alone,messages whispered in soft tones,a deep connection with unknowns,unsure faith rest,… Continue reading Rebuild

An Instinct! Behaviour and Mind!! #01

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It is seen or observed, in self study, that, Our Mind, operates on stimuli, by unknown source! Is this statement correct? This is a delicate question! But anyone can answer it, if he or she studys, the way of our behaving, thinking or feeling! There is always a natural Desire or Tendency, that makes one… Continue reading An Instinct! Behaviour and Mind!! #01

I won’t bother!

Let the evils dance! Let the fools engage desperate romance! Let the tracks lengthen! Let the mighty invade! Let the wonders spread! Let the unseen touch the screen of soul! Fear struggle to tall! Let sunami arrive! I won’t bother! My Mind don’t care! The post I won’t bother! first appeared on mindcaremagic. I won’t… Continue reading I won’t bother!

What Will People Say?

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something only by pondering how people will react to your actions? How many times out of fear of someone else’s criticism and condemnations have you abandoned your own dreams in which you believe more than your own self? And indeed how many times someone’s else perspective… Continue reading What Will People Say?

Study and know yourself!

It’s very difficult to accept but true! I don’t recognize ‘Me’! This Me is always with myself but I don’t know! How strange! I became ‘Me’ without any knowledge! I must know ‘Me’!


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