Unfold the layers off this mask,swallow the questions no one asks,another day with the same tasks,drunk wishes swim within old flasks. Alone while others are around,all aspirations hit the ground,an inner silence feels profound,wishes crash hard but make no sound. Frustrations learn to stand alone,messages whispered in soft tones,a deep connection with unknowns,unsure faith rest,… Continue reading Rebuild


Unsatisfied heart,searches for new connections.Finds link with true self. – Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy The post Inward appeared first on Grace of the Sun. Inward Fact and Truth of life!

A Letter from the Sky

Some power, some entity or some soul writes from sky-the major part of Universe! The message is combined with Care and Love!! Be silent, stable! Do not get affected by bad or good! Remember and keep in M I N D, Love and Affection only! NoFear! No Worry! Always have a sweet Smile! Feel the… Continue reading A Letter from the Sky


The executive              Was always top of his game Then he lost his mind 42 The Boss. Was always playing with executives Then he tore the sheet!


Walking down alley The man looks up to the moon Screaming We are fools 44 Facing up the sky The Man looks up to moon Chanting we are Lucky!

Blur by Nature!

It’s a sample of how to hide something even in daylight! If you want some facts not be seen and understood in details, for the good of an event or a person you can use the technique to implement your wish and Intention!


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