एक नई शुरुआत / A New Beginning

एक नई शुरुआत / A New Beginning For the continued Journey!

Rise Again

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again. – Ram Charan Rise Again For a New Beginning!

~Proverbs #115~

Sometimes you have to be silent to be heard. ~ Swiss Proverb ~Proverbs #115~ The most powerful discipline!

Where our Mind resides?

It is unknown! No scientific data is there, to tell us! Ancient available information suggests, that, Mind resides, at the site between our eyebrows! This can be verified by an important fact, that, any person has the same site, as the most crucial site, for an attack, leading to, the end of the life!


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Mind Me Up!

The functioning of our Mind is not well studied and analysed completely till today! For the study of Mind we don’t need any particular science and technology! It’s possible easily for everyone! The requirement is very simple: One had to give sufficient time for his or her Mind!

Mystical Prayers

“The Path of Light is a Darkness Illuminated by Faith, Hope and Charity.” ~ Mystical Prayers


Everything about mind care and mind pleasure.

Words Flow

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