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I am not following the instructions of myself! I am not realizing what my eyes notice! I am not in working condition! I can’t decide! I can’t implement if decided! Why it’s there?

~Ego Is One Big Defence Mechanism~

The answer is that your ego is fundamentally false and illusory. It is essentially one big defense mechanism – a way to protect your precious vulnerability from the world by being socially acceptable. ~Ego Is One Big Defence Mechanism~ Avoid!

~Fear Can Manifest Itself In Many Ways~

Fear can manifest itself in many ways, in other words fear has many expressions of itself. Anger, hatred, jealousy, rage, selfishness, greed, addiction, arrogance, depression, enviousness, materialism, violence, superiority complexes, being controlling, bitterness, insecurity, resistance, etc, are some of the many ways fear can express itself. Fear holds the mind of the world hostage. ~Fear… Continue reading ~Fear Can Manifest Itself In Many Ways~


The mind will play tricks Anxiety has no friends Keep the box healthy 2 Mind Me Up!

~Proverbs #122~

Do not speak of evil for it creates curiosity in the hearts of the young. ~ Lakota Proverb ~Proverbs #122~ Basic rules!


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