Jealousy #02

‘I’, can be jealous 😏 about, my near and dear person also! Husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, brother and sister, any person with any other person, everywhere, this drastic property can initiate and exist! I have seen an example, where, a mother, was always saying whenever and wherever, a chance to exhibit the feeling was there, that, ” She was more beautiful than her daughter!”

Jealousy, is one of the great, eternal enemies of mankind! It’s devastating power, is unpredictable! Much more, than any disease caused to a person! It can ruin onn’s total physical and mental health! And most difficult part is that the person can’t know, when, the damaging starts!

A fact and not exaggeration, I can be Jealous about my self! One great Mind is found to be Jealous, about the other (Silent) M I N D! ‘I’ have to remember, for twenty four hours, all the days and throughout the life, this delicate situation, if calmness and tranquility, is what, I need!

Only joy and happiness nothing else!

By datta

A retired class -1, Government Officer engaged in self farming work! I have tremendous liking for imaginative art work and practical study of all the people I meet with in my day to day work. I like to study the MIND of every person!


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