L I F E!

The Beauty of a flower, is gift of Nature! And Beauty and value of Life, is created by the Silent, Happy and Stable Mind!

Little Dark Corner – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: ‘Free Photos’ on pixabay.com “There is a correlation between the severity of a person’s moods and a lack of self-knowledge.” Jill Alexander Essbaum Little Dark Corner The mood of a moment is so fragile, like a cloud momentarily covering the sun, and everything changes in an instance, confusing the very heart of us with… Continue reading Little Dark Corner – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

L I F E !

Life : has it’s own Soul-Power! Life : Moves forward Constantly! Life : always has Something to give you!

Jealousy #02

‘I’, can be jealous 😏 about, my near and dear person also! Husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, brother and sister, any person with any other person, everywhere, this drastic property can initiate and exist! I have seen an example, where, a mother, was always saying whenever and wherever, a chance to… Continue reading Jealousy #02

What Will People Say?

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something only by pondering how people will react to your actions? How many times out of fear of someone else’s criticism and condemnations have you abandoned your own dreams in which you believe more than your own self? And indeed how many times someone’s else perspective… Continue reading What Will People Say?

” M I N D Says! ” #01

M I N D refered here is obviously Subconscious MIND! It has been mentioned and we all know, that, we have two Minds. Normal or Outer or Sensible i.e. Conscious and Silent or Inner or Insensible i.e. Subconscious MIND. Conscious never says anything! On the contrary it acts and gets the things done! It doesn’t… Continue reading ” M I N D Says! ” #01


What must NOT be there, with us, meaning in our Mind, includes ‘Jealousy’ at the Top position! Now or anytime, we come across, this undesirable human property, which engulfs everyone, to take him or her to a very dangerous State of mind! What is more damaging, with this property, is that, it is often without… Continue reading Jealousy!

L I F E!

What is Life: Try to Know! How is Life: Try to Live! Why is Life: Try to Search! We are all creatures of Her Highness ” NATURE “! Why we should not follow, the valuable principles and procedures of Nature? If we See, observe and study them, we will be getting a Divine potential, in… Continue reading L I F E!

The Way The Sunlight Played a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: domeckopol at pixabay.com “The light of morning decomposes everything.” Haruki Murukami The Way The Sunlight Played This morning I was captivated by the way sunlight played so joyously upon the leaves before me and danced with the shadows, dispelling some while welcoming others, exposing everything and inviting all to join the resplendent moment, beckoning… Continue reading The Way The Sunlight Played a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon