” M I N D Says! ” #01

M I N D refered here is obviously Subconscious MIND! It has been mentioned and we all know, that, we have two Minds. Normal or Outer or Sensible i.e. Conscious and Silent or Inner or Insensible i.e. Subconscious MIND. Conscious never says anything! On the contrary it acts and gets the things done! It doesn’t… Continue reading ” M I N D Says! ” #01

L I F E !

Non stop! Life : has it’s own Soul-Power! Life : Moves forward Constantly! Life : always has Something to give you! Sweet and Beautiful! L I F E ! Just as Sun 🌞 monitors the status of Earth, the Mind monitors the status of Life! Naturally, the Mind must be in a powerful condition! And… Continue reading L I F E !

What are the Dreams?

Everyone in his or her day night period has the incidences of having Dreams! Dreams are experienced even when we are not in a sleep! Any impossible thing or incidence is seen and experienced by the person! Why and how we dream is not yet found out or established by science! We here will be… Continue reading What are the Dreams?