‘I’ the Fuel of life!

I will not stop. I will not listen. I will not act. I will not accept. I will not give. Whatever is expected in normal State is concealed by NOT! This is the reality of human being. Whoever and whenever is ‘I’! Product is the same but packing is different! Mind! And ONLY MIND!

Winter Majesty

dull Januaryreaches icy majesty,at sunset Copyright 2021 Brenda Davis Harsham Notes: This photo was from before the snow storm, but I was slow in finding words for it — so I’m posting in February. It was taken from the window of my dentist’s office. I care for and appreciate my dentist, but I’d be delighted… Continue reading Winter Majesty

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Where our Mind resides?

It is unknown! No scientific data is there, to tell us! Ancient available information suggests, that, Mind resides, at the site between our eyebrows! This can be verified by an important fact, that, any person has the same site, as the most crucial site, for an attack, leading to, the end of the life!


Here you will find list of Keywords! Any Keyword you select will take you to the details and information of the subject or idea! After you reach to the end of the matter, you are expected to share your views and comment. You are free to share your own information or any other you have… Continue reading Keywords!

H O N E S T Y!

Today I will submit the most precious quality of human being! The quality which is very rare but very important for our life! We often try to get Happiness ❤️! There are many ways to get the same! Each of the ways must however be combined with the Honesty! Honesty with everybody: with you and… Continue reading H O N E S T Y!

Mind Writing!

I am a writer! I love study of Mind! But not a scientific study! I prefer practical study to scientific study. Whenever, I meet a person I start studying his or her Mind! I study by the person’s talk and thoughts! I have observed many persons are not honest with their Minds! They seem to… Continue reading Mind Writing!

Mystical Prayers

”The Path of Light is a Darkness Illuminated by Faith, Hope and Charity.” ~ Mystical Prayers


Everything about mind care and mind pleasure.

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