Bright sunset

Mind Refreshing! Bright sunset

EGO #02

Let us see, how Ego works: I, in my daily life, almost constantly, think about my plans. The plans, are decided, as per my desires! To complete the plan, I arrange to get the work done, instead of doing myself. For that, I instruct/order available ( maybe family member or friend or a hired person… Continue reading EGO #02

Little Dark Corner – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: ‘Free Photos’ on “There is a correlation between the severity of a person’s moods and a lack of self-knowledge.” Jill Alexander Essbaum Little Dark Corner The mood of a moment is so fragile, like a cloud momentarily covering the sun, and everything changes in an instance, confusing the very heart of us with… Continue reading Little Dark Corner – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

EGO! #01

The property, at the position number one, in the catagory of degradative factors of human life, is EGO! This invades, the Mind of a person, like an infectious disease! No curative remedy for this, is found, till date! Ego catches and deteriorates, each and every action of the person. Any close relation care, is also… Continue reading EGO! #01

L I F E !

Seasons come on time, for replenishment of the whole Earth! We as Human Beings, constitute the Topmost part of World! We must engage in caring for ourselves and all, that is in existence! Caring ourselves, needs caring for our M I N D first! Heart ( body ), Soul and Strength follow!

Six Word Story #103

Green leaves, colourful flowers, chirping birds. Happy Earth Day everyone- leave your Earth Day inspired six word story in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! Enjoyed this post? Then follow me on social media: Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn HubPages Email me on(guest posts welcome!): Six Word Story #103… Continue reading Six Word Story #103

Fertility 21 century

The lower fertility rates of the 21st century, could be explained by a mutant differentiation of certain groups with in the human species. These groups carrying with them the environmentally adaptive change necessitated by the incredible shift in habitat we have created. This higher form divergence has reproductive consequences, just as previous evolutionary mutations have,… Continue reading Fertility 21 century

Mystical Prayers

“The Path of Light is a Darkness Illuminated by Faith, Hope and Charity.” ~ Mystical Prayers


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