Awakening #02

Existence! Where are you? Here, there or somewhere? Finding nowhere! Open the eyes of Soul through Mind! Your place is with Him and you will find!! I am everywhere, in everything at anytime!

Awakening #01

EVERYTHING! Beyond thinking exits something, Struggle to search find nothing, Look into yourself get everything.

Intelligence, Natural and artificial. ( Response to WP daily prompt )

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Human behavior is the potential and expressed capacity of human individuals or groups to respond to internal and external stimuli throughout their life. Behavior is driven by genetic and environmental factors that affect an individual. WikipediaAnd this behaviour is linked to the desire/wish! What a brilliant question!… Continue reading Intelligence, Natural and artificial. ( Response to WP daily prompt )

Sweet Secrets!

Why we wish to and create/write a blog? To write and readAndmake the friends read and write . To meet genius people by mind and heart. ❤️

Day One prompts.

What is your spirit animal? HorseAccording to the imagery of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna’s chariot was pulled by four or five white horses.Kapi Dhwaja The name of the Chariot of Arjuna was Kapi Dhwaja. It was donated by Agni (the fire-god) to Arjuna, and could conquer all directions, wherever it was drawn through out the three worlds. Arjuna’s… Continue reading Day One prompts.

Mindcaremagic Mantra #16

BE IN THE PRESENT ! It is a common observation, that in our daily life- routine, we are often thinking either of the past or about the future! This is true for almost every person! But we never realise and remember, that we can get nothing by this unnecessary thinking. If we give some time,… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #16

Mindcaremagic Mantra #15

Relaxation! When you experience a condition of stress and/or anxiety, relax a little and use deep relaxation technique. In our fast paced world, every now and then we come across with stress, which can lead to Anxiety. In such situations relaxation by mind and body is very important and helpful to keep away, these dangerous… Continue reading Mindcaremagic Mantra #15

Mystical Prayers

“The Path of Light is a Darkness Illuminated by Faith, Hope and Charity.” ~ Mystical Prayers


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