Profound Power of Noble ‘MIND’ # 08

We, as Human beings, are, live representatives of Nature! Different from other creations of Nature, like Animals, Birds and Plants! We can sense, see, experience and use, the Five eternal energy-powers of the universe. The others have limitations!

We can take care of our body and monitor, our activities, in a more perfect way, than other living organisms! What makes us more capable of controlling the activities? The work of our brain! We are having, fully developed Brain! The brain, with the help of Sense organs, controls our body and it’s activities! Our Brain, however, has to take help of another living power of our body! And ……………….. And that living power is our ” M I N D ” !

As we are going through the knowledge of ‘ The Profound Power of Noble Mind ‘ we will understand, the Unique and universal role of Mind, in our Life!

The Time is different but the Life is moving, in the same way!

The ‘ M I N D ‘ Never takes, any rest! The Mind – Just in the same way of our Heart- is constantly working with the Time : Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months and Years till, we can count!

This is why, we should care our ‘ M I N D ‘ and keep it in a Healthy and Natural condition! !

If we remain with Nature, our Life becomes beautiful, like Nature!

By datta

A retired class -1, Government Officer engaged in self farming work! I have tremendous liking for imaginative art work and practical study of all the people I meet with in my day to day work. I like to study the MIND of every person!


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