EGO! #01

The property, at the position number one, in the catagory of degradative factors of human life, is EGO! This invades, the Mind of a person, like an infectious disease! No curative remedy for this, is found, till date! Ego catches and deteriorates, each and every action of the person. Any close relation care, is also no exception! Ego affects the behaviour of the person, to such an extent, that, the person may even avoid and neglect the Hunger and thirst!

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Ego, does not recognize right or wrong! Ego does not bother any Truth! Ego may diminish the sleep! Ego completely occupies the conscious of the person! Ego runs after only ‘I’ and ‘Me’

For our goal of Silent and Happy Mind, Ego is very big and potent hurdle!

What is needed for getting rid of this fatal enemy of Silent and Happy Mind, is, to detect on time, the initiation of the Symptoms of Ego, in our Mind and try to Override it by Mind Exercise or Refreshing of Mind!

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By datta

A retired class -1, Government Officer engaged in self farming work! I have tremendous liking for imaginative art work and practical study of all the people I meet with in my day to day work. I like to study the MIND of every person!

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