Profound Power of Noble MIND! #07

Power of Noble Mind

Consider, our Mind, as an energy source, like Light, sound or Heat!

Mind has a velocity and penetrating power, similar to these natural powers! Mind can travel with a velocity, more than our usual vehicles, comparable only with planes! It can be in one continent of the world and after a few seconds can reach to exact opposite continent! This time period is just a fraction of the time period, required for a person, to travel physically! Mind can penetrate, any hardest barrier, to reach the core of the object! And Mind can heat (the mind) status of any other person, more severely than any fire!

This is how, the Mind uses it’s power, to predict, about future and imagine something, which is not existing on the earth! The famous Emperors, Poets, Movie Producers, Business Stalwarts and so other Extra ordinary personalities, performed their tasks, with success, only with power of Prediction and imagination, in combination with actions!

To have knowledge of the power of the Noble Mind, one has to access the Mind! And to access the Mind, proper path is needed! I must first know my Mind! For knowing the Mind I have to be alert, for every moment of my all the activities!


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