Walking down alley The man looks up to the moon Screaming We are fools 44 Facing up the sky The Man looks up to moon Chanting we are Lucky!

Profound Power of Noble MIND -02

Divine imagination and its deep power, can be developed, when we can make our Mind Thoughtless! Thoughtless Mind, initiates, knowledge flow and induces merging of Subconscious Mind to Conscious Mind. Your will power and imagination, will take you, to a high level intellectual state.The next step to this achievement, will then be, the transition of… Continue reading Profound Power of Noble MIND -02

Blur by Nature!

It’s a sample of how to hide something even in daylight! If you want some facts not be seen and understood in details, for the good of an event or a person you can use the technique to implement your wish and Intention!

Silence and Rest!

When the Mind gets entangled with thoughts and stranger thoughts, I must make a move to a new place and try to get silence! The place must be unique in it’s location and glorified by nature! Will walk through or settle on anything found! Shut the eyes or stare at Nature! No time limit. I… Continue reading Silence and Rest!


I have a motorbike but not car! I have a house but not a bungalow! I have a mobile but not even 4G! I have a beautiful partner but I can’t ……,! I need to do something hard! It is not possible early……..

Mind Waves!

I am not following the instructions of myself! I am not realizing what my eyes notice! I am not in working condition! I can’t decide! I can’t implement if decided! Why it’s there?

~Ego Is One Big Defence Mechanism~

The answer is that your ego is fundamentally false and illusory. It is essentially one big defense mechanism – a way to protect your precious vulnerability from the world by being socially acceptable. ~Ego Is One Big Defence Mechanism~ Avoid!


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