Profound Power of Noble MIND #05

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By birth, a normal person, has all the essential quqlities, required, for an Ideal Life. Let us analyze this statement: The qualities referred are- Discipline, Engaging in duty and responsibility, care and respect for others- the family being the first priority and keeping a distance from evils and bad habbits! Every person, as human being, has these basic qualities, as an inclusion by the Creator! Despite this fact, we see and come across, different types of people, which include, some Odd personalities. Odd is used, to point to, indisciplined persons and persons with, one or more bad habbits! Habbits are developed, in two ways-.Lack of self- control and company of odd persons! Desire of joy or enjoy of short duration, is always there to attrract the person!

The MIND comes into picture, where and when, self control is required. Mind here, is the Subconscious MIND only! Conscious, which is weak and sensitive, is always and constantly there, where, eyes, ears, voice and touch work, to help the desire and result in crossing the danger line! Ideally, the Subconscious, which is silent, should supersede the Conscious!

The Subconscious MIND, if not interrupted or neglected (!) , has its Profound power, to prevent and eliminate any ODD!

By datta

A retired class -1, Government Officer engaged in self farming work! I have tremendous liking for imaginative art work and practical study of all the people I meet with in my day to day work. I like to study the MIND of every person!


  1. I recently came to an idea that there are no Subconscious mind at all. Let me explain this. The type of mind which helps us to survive in the unnatural world is called nowadays Conscious mind. In fact, it is a kind of man-developed mind to survive. The true and the only natural, Human mind is that which we call these days “subconscious”. It lays under the pressure of “survival mind” and visit us time to time to remind: you are Human, not a machine

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  2. Happy to receive your thoughts, which, are in line with ‘ reality of Human Being’!
    And your concept of ” Human” ( not a machine) is also very important!
    Thanks for reading my thoughts!


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