Profound Power of Noble Mind 03

The Mind originates, creates and preserves one’s existence. I am there as ‘I’ only by way of Mind! The Mind has its real and full power when it is associated with knowledge (of Divine power of Nature) and not associated with, thoughts and desires! The conscious and subconscious, are assumed here, to be combined! We, in our life, are mostly driven by Conscious Mind and hence can not realize, recognize and judge or experience the Profound Power of our Subconscious Mind. For knowing and experiencing this power, we have to learn to take, regular cognizance of This Mind!

separate to get a path!

By datta

A retired class -1, Government Officer engaged in self farming work! I have tremendous liking for imaginative art work and practical study of all the people I meet with in my day to day work. I like to study the MIND of every person!

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